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The Girl Scout Cookie Diet

It’s time to think thin… mints. Didn't think you could lose weight while still enjoying some thin mints (or your favorite girl scout cookie)? Think again. 

Girl Scout Cookies

Some people get excited for big holidays.

Some get excited for the Super Bowl.

But me…I get excited for Girl Scout cookie season.

This is my superbowl.

And I’m going to show you how you can get motivated to lose weight and support your local girl scout troop while still being healthy and looking 🔥.

Despite it’s catchy name, The Girl Scout cookie diet actually has very little to do with girl scout cookies and a whole lot to do with what you eat when you aren’t eating those little slices of heaven.

The reality is, following a strict diet can be a means to an end, but the problem is that these diets can impact the way that we view food, and can keep you from getting motivated to lose weight.

Food Is Not a Means to An End

Instead, food is a part of our culture and a part of our lives. It is meant to be enjoyed, and the moments that surround  meals are meant to be cherished.

Girl Scout Cookies 2

The reality is, a single salad won’t make you skinny, and a single serving of girl scout cookies won’t make you fat.

But the things that work for, or against you, are the things that you do consistently.

Are you eating salads all of the time? If you are, chances are, you’ll lose weight.

Are you exclusively eating Samoas? That’s kind of excessive, and you’ll probably gain weight because cookies are calorie dense and very easy to eat in large quantities.

At the end of the day, if you’re eating something along the lines of:

  • Lots of vegetables
  • Plenty of protein
  • An occasional serving of girl scout cookies (or another “unhealthy” food)

You are in a very good place, and will likely succeed with your weight loss goals without feeling the psychological strain that many experience when eating restrictive diets. In other words, rewarding yourself to a dessert every once in a while is perfectly healthy and is a great strategy for how to get, and stay, motivated to lose weight.[1]

Girl Scout Cookies 3-1

The Girl Scout Cookie Diet Breakdown

Shoot for an 80/20 split between real food (the stuff you know is healthy) and the stuff that you really like but know isn’t good for you.

Finally, remember that nobody is perfect. Sometimes we can plan out what that 20% will be, and other times we’re doing our best to make the most of an impromptu work dinner.

As a general rule of thumb, try to eat until you’re 80% full, and when you’re eating those tasty snacks, eat them mindfully. In other words, try not to eat an entire bag of popcorn while rewatching Game Of Thrones. [2]

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Stan Dutton

Stan Dutton

Stan Dutton is a Boston based fitness expert who has worked with celebrities, professional athletes, helped multiple individuals lose over 100lbs and is a 4x world record holding powerlifter. His philosophy is simple: Move well, move often, and eat pizza.

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