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Personal Trainer Benefits: Why You Should Hire One

The benefits of a personal trainer range in terms of boosting your motivation, technique, and personal confidence. The concept might feel threatening or awkward to some. After all, what does this stranger know about your body that you don’t know already? More than you’d think, actually.

Personal trainers encourage people of all body types and ages to discover strengths that they never knew existed. We’ve compiled a short list of what we consider the biggest benefits of a personal trainer. After reading, we hope you take that next step to improving yourself, in more ways than one.


Our ideal selves are always on-time, motivated, and dedicated to improvement. Too bad we can’t always be our ideal selves, which is why we often need someone else to hold us accountable. The most important personal trainer benefit is the accountability they provide, without being a nagging voice in the back of your head. It’s easy to tell ourselves at night that we will get to the gym by 7am the next morning, but when no one else is counting on you to be there, hitting that snooze button seems a little bit easier. Telling someone else your goals and what you will do to achieve them transforms an empty promise to yourself into a commitment to a someone else, which makes backing out a little less convenient.

By aligning yourself with the accountability of a personal trainer, you in turn become more accountable for your workouts. A study by the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found significant positive behavioral changes to those that worked with a personal trainer for 9-10 weeks. What made those sessions valuable during the study were the conversations regarding the “Benefits of Physical Activity, Barriers/Obstacles, Support System Recruitment, Goal Setting and Relapse Prevention.” The accountability of the personal trainer to talk through these topics on a weekly basis forced the clients to be accountable to themselves. Without accountability from the trainer and yourself, changing your bad habits will always be difficult.

Health Benefits

Personal trainer benefits extend beyond just a workout partner. After all, health and fitness doesn’t stop at the gym, and a successful personal trainer will educate and motivate you to maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule. This also ties back into the accountability factor. When speaking with your personal trainer, will you have the heart to tell her how poorly you ate or how you stayed up staring at your computer screen in bed? Recent reports project that by 2030, half of all adults (115 million adults) in the US will be obese. We as Americans have clearly begun to develop poor habits when it comes to diet and exercise. Having someone check in on your habits outside the gym can keep you truthful to yourself and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

Reduced Chance of Injury

Most people cannot walk into a gym for the first time (ever or in a while) and become an expert in correct body form when exercising. It takes years of perfecting, usually with the supervision of someone more skilled than you. Without that trainer there, guiding and making slight adjustments to your form, you could be wasting energy or even worse, injuring yourself. Often when people injure themselves in a gym, their confidence shrinks and it deters them from redemption. Avoid injuring yourself and build your confidence by learning how to properly lift weights and stretch with a personal trainer.

Customized Workouts

Every body differs in terms of genetic makeup and the fitness goals we want to achieve. The workout regimen of a new mother compared to a senior citizen varies greatly because they have different physical limitations and goals. Another major personal trainer benefit is the level of customization that he can provide for your exercise agenda and body type, making your time spent in the gym as efficient as possible. Not only that, but a workout customized to your physical makeup can instill greater confidence in your body, further increasing the likelihood that you will return soon for your next workout.


Taking time out of your day to workout is already a stressful and inconvenient task. Personal trainers force you to be on the clock, making every minute of gym time as efficient as possible. No more wandering from machine to machine, wondering if that’s the right workout for today. Your fitness coach will already have a program planned for you, making your time at the gym as effective as possible.  

Help You Reach Your Goals

Whether you’re looking to lose 20 pounds, regain the stamina of your youth, or make the varsity football team, the main benefit of a personal trainer is to help you achieve your goals. Simply put, it’s what they are paid to do. While taking on your personal fitness mission solo might seem bold and respectable, achieving that mission is all that really matters. Personal trainers help you get there without judgement or preconceived notions about you and your limitations. As far as they’re concerned, with their help, you can achieve any fitness and health goal you set your mind to. The only thing you need to consider is how bad you want it.

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Ladder is a digital coaching platform that connects people with certified health and wellness professionals to provide completely customized exercise programming and ongoing support across all areas of a healthy lifestyle; fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress management. We make personal training accessible to everyone, even those that cannot commit to an in-person trainer.

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