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4 Tips to Create a Custom Fitness Plan

Most of us would agree that when it comes to fitness, no two people are the same. Everyone has their own personal goals and different needs in order to achieve them. There is no one-size-fits-all workout plan. Customized plans can help yield bigger and better results. But, how can you learn to do this? How do you create a plan that's based on what your abilities are and what you want to achieve?

We'll cover four tips that will help you start creating your own custom fitness plan.

Assess Where You Are Now

Think about your current level of fitness. What types of exercises have you been doing? Are they too easy or too difficult? Are you seeing any results? Understanding what you’ve done in the past will help you develop your new custom fitness plan.

Keep in mind your level of risk, especially if you’re brand new to working out or if you are recovering from an injury. Beginners may want to start with lighter weights and less strenuous exercises to build up future endurance.

Also consider where you are planning to work out and the equipment that you have available. For example, if you have access to a pool, consider incorporating water exercises into your workout routine. If you want to work out at home, but don’t have any weights, you could either buy them or focus on body weight exercises instead.

Set a Schedule

Don’t fool yourself. Consider how much time you have available to dedicate to your new routine. If you say you’re going to work out every day of the week, even though you know you don’t have the time to succeed, you'll undermine your commitment.

Think about consistency when creating your custom fitness plan. Working out at consistent times on consistent days makes it easier to stick to the plan. Be sure to block off specific times every week that won’t overlap with other events.

Work some recovery time into your new schedule too. When you work out, your muscles are actually breaking down. Recovery and rest time gives your muscles the chance to build back up. However, recovery doesn’t mean sitting on the couch watching TV with a bag of potato chips. It should be active recovery. This means using lighter or easier exercises, respective of the type of exercises you normally do. For example, if you just ran five miles, your active recovery could be going for a long walk. This will help give your muscles the time they need to build back up before you go back to intense exercises.

Keep Challenging Yourself

As you get more comfortable with your workout routine, continue to challenge yourself. When your workouts begin to feel too easy, you need to start editing your original plan a bit. This doesn’t mean you have to completely restructure your workout routine. Small changes like using heavier weights or adding a few more reps to the exercise will be sufficient. Avoid drastic changes and stick to gradual increases over time.

Another great tip for knowing when to update your custom fitness plan is to keep a journal. Record what workouts you do, when you do them, how many reps you do, and any weights or equipment you use. This will help you to set better goals for the future, because you'll know what your progress has been in the past.

Add Variety to Your Custom Fitness Plan

There are four components of fitness: cardio respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. Make sure your exercises are working on all four of these aspects. Having an online personal trainer from Ladder can also help you add variety into your custom fitness plan. Personal trainers are experts on exercise and know tons of different workouts that you can incorporate into your fitness routine. Ladder’s personal trainers can work through the different tips above to help create the best possible plan for you, and then help you implement it!

Create your custom fitness plan with the help of a certified personal trainer from Ladder. Start your free trial today!

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