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What Factors Influence Personal Trainer Rates?

If you're looking for a personal trainer, you may have noticed that the pricing can vary drastically. You're probably wondering, what are the biggest factors that influence personal trainer rates? 

1. Certifications

The amount and type of certifications a personal trainer maintains give clients an idea of how serious the trainer takes his or her job and if they are willing to learn more. Is this one of many jobs for the trainer, or has he or she made this their career, wanting to educate themselves on all professional aspects of physical fitness? The types of certifications, like the American College of Sports Medicine, or a degree in Nutrition, gives the trainer added credibility. The more legitimate certifications a trainer has, the more that person can charge you for their time. It’s the same reason why you wouldn’t pay an intern the same amount as a C-level executive. The intern doesn’t have the experience, so their time, for now, is worth less.  

2. Availability

The availability of a trainer often dictates price. To break this down as simply as possible, consider the basic theory of supply and demand. The more a service is wanted, the higher that person can market his services. For example, someone whose calendar is booked 50 hours a week probably doesn’t need your one-hour of business to make ends meet. Since that hour of free time to the trainer is valuable, he can charge for his services whatever he wants to stay competitive. What other customers are willing to pay will guide this price model. So, if you live in a wealthy neighborhood with few personal trainers, expect high hourly rates.

3. Reputation

Another huge factor in cost is whether or not this trainer produces results. A talented trainer doesn’t guess that his workout will help you lose weight — he knows it. He has repeated this process dozens of times to people of different ages, sexes, and fitness backgrounds. Word will spread of how good this trainer is, making him more and more expensive, as long as he produces results.

Personal Trainer Rates for a Public Gym

The rates of a personal trainer in a public gym will usually cost an average $50 per session. As mentioned before, this range usually depends on the availability and certifications of the trainer. This cost is usually not included in the monthly membership package, which varies based on what amenities the gym offers. If you belong to Equinox, or another high-end gym, you could end up paying $80-$100 per one hour session. With trainers in a public gym, expect to share equipment and a little personal space with the other members.

Personal Trainer Rates for a Private Studio

Personal trainer rates for sessions in a private studio will always cost more than any other option. It’s the ideal environment for those hesitant about being in a loud, crowded, and smelly gym. It’s also great for those without a gym membership and don’t have access to equipment, but still wants to get in shape.

Private personal trainers usually offer more experience than those that work for a gym like 24 Hour Fitness. These trainers probably started their careers at one of those gyms, then went private after they developed a devoted clientele. The more clients they have that are willing to pay high amounts will dictate their hourly rate. For example, trainers that work with celebrities have garnered a reputation of producing results and keeping their clients’ information private. Since they likely have some sort of disposable income, those trainers have the flexibility of charging large sums of money per session.

For your average, non celebrity-catering trainer, expect to pay anywhere from $200-400 per one hour session. The distance a trainer needs to travel to work with you, as well as the many other factors mentioned earlier, will dictate that cost.

Online Personal Trainer Rates

Online personal trainers always offer the cheapest hourly rate. What you normally would pay per session in a gym is less than what you would pay per month for an online trainer. Online trainers, while they can’t always meet in person, share valuable fitness and nutrition knowledge with you multiple times a week.

The average online personal trainer costs $50 per month and maintains a variety of fitness and nutrition certifications. Despite this affordable rate, compared to other types of trainers, online personal trainers are matched with you based on your interests and goals. You have a much better chance of finding the right trainer for you online, where the pool of candidates might be in the hundreds, than what you would find in your local gym.

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