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Ladder connects certified health and wellness professionals with people who want to experience all the benefits of customized fitness coaching, on their terms - affordable, convenient, rewarding.

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How it Works



Ladder takes your training needs, fitness experience, and goals into account to make the best match possible with a certified personal trainer.



Ladder coaches work with clients to design customized fitness plans that take their goals, access to equipment, abilities, and preferences into account.


Unlimited communication with your coach. Coaches provide 1 on 1 insights, education, motivation, and more!


Work with your coach to create and commit to weekly health and wellness habits that are designed to drive lasting lifestyle changes.

People Ladder

"Personal training was something I always wanted to try. I could just never get myself to pull the trigger. Ladder is exactly what I've been looking for!"

- Eric, Boston,MA

"Honestly, this was by far the best fitness solution that I've ever seen. Ladder has taken me to a whole new level!! Who knew that at age 58 you could get back into a fitness challenge and make it work for you?"

- Annette, Leicester, MA
“I was a bit skeptical at first, but my first Ladder coach really has been able to hold me accountable. So far, I'm loving how everything is going and I'm seeing great results!”
- Karyne, Cumberland, RI

What's the difference?


Traditional Personal Training


The average personal training client, in the US, pays over $378 per month (plus a gym membership).

A price that simply isn't affordable to the overwhelming amount of people.


Coaching Via Ladder


Ladder offers the majority of the existing personal trainer/client relationship, at a fraction of the price. Furthermore, Ladder drives engagement during the 99% of the time when the current model does not, enabling a level of accountability that has never been seen before!